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BRIDES OF DRACULA (Vol. 1 in Philip J. Riley's Nightmare Series) (paperback)

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With an Introduction by Richard A. Ekstedt

Everyone in the village of Badstein knows how to eliminate the vampire preying on its young daughters: find the coffin he sleeps in during the day and drive a wooden stake through his heart. But how can you find you quarry if you don’t know who he is and your suspects are many? There’s the Latour with the dark-complexion, who is given to wandering at night and sleeping during the day. There’s the handsome Baron Meinster, who is supposedly traveling in the Orient but rumored to be hiding in his ancient chateau. Then, there’s the stranger, Professor Van Helsing. The quarry could be anyone. Meanwhile, the victims multiply — all young females marked with the telltale sign of the vampire bites.
This is the first volume of The NightMare Series from noted film historian and author, Philip J. Riley. The purpose of the series is to preserve the 1950s and 1960s horror film movie tie-in novels that were printed on old crumbling pulp paper and to bring them back in this new format for a new century. These are the original novels by various authors, not the scripts as in the editor's Filmonster Series and the MagicImage Filmbook series. 154 pages.