Bonkers Ass Cinema (paperback)
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Bonkers Ass Cinema (paperback)

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Bonkers Ass Cinema
by Matt Rotman

6x9, 194 pages

 ISBN 9781629339443

A Guide to the Wildest of Horror and Exploitation Cinema

Sit down. Buckle up. Pop in those special peepers you keep in the jar atop the coffee table. Because a journey awaits—a thoughtful and humorous voyage into the world of Bonkers Ass Cinema. Join Matt Rotman in this deep dive, as he covers one hundred films from nine genres, including animals attack, sexploitation, blaxploitation, action, slashers, Bigfoot movies, and more. The book also contains an array of filmmaker interviews, photos, and individual director spotlights.

Rotman approaches each film without pretense, tackling the crazy on its own terms and within the context of the genre and time period. He contends trash art is still art, and the pleasure of cinema is gleaned from it, not at its expense. Therefore, once you open these pages, “ironic viewing” is no longer allowed. Cynicism must be checked at the door. The world of Bonkers Ass Cinema is one of positivity and fun, just like a couple of friends excitedly discussing film over coffee… or eighteen tequila shots.

Matt Rotman is a writer and filmmaker based out of San Diego, CA. His work has appeared in National Lampoon, Daily Grindhouse, Diabolique Magazine, REBELLER, Delirium, and many other film and comedy publications. He currently runs the eponymous Bonkers Ass Cinema blog and is probably watching something made by Larry Cohen at this very moment.