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Blondie Goes to Hollywood: The Blondie Comic Strip in Films, Radio & Television (paperback)

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What do Blondie, I Love Lucy, and The Twilight Zone all have in common? What did Chic Young, the cartoonist who created the Blondie comic strip, think of the films? Blondie Goes To Hollywood is the first and only book to answer these questions and tell the untold story of the Blondie films from their creation, their successes, and the tragedies of its stars, supporting cast, and crew.

Author Carol Lynn Scherling chronicles the years that the Blondie comic strip was turned into a twenty-eight-film franchise at Columbia Pictures during 1938-1950. Discover how the story evolved into a long-running radio show and several short-lived American television series. Find out about the business venture involving Daisy, the canine co-star, and Arthur Lake, the actor known best for bringing Dagwood Bumstead, the bumbling husband of Blondie, to life in films, on Old Time Radio, and on television. Learn little known trivia about the other actors and actresses, such as Penny Singleton as Blondie, Larry Simms as Baby Dumplings/Alexander Bumstead, Majorie Ann Mutchie as Cookie Bumstead, Jonathan Hale as Mr. Dithers, Danny Mummert as Alvin Fuddle, and Jerome Cowan as Mr. Radcliffe.

Introduction by Will Hutchins, who starred as Dagwood in a Blondie CBS television series (1968-1969). Detailed synopses of each movie. Illustrated. 212 pages. ISBN 9781593934019