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ISBN  9781629331225


The road from entertained to entertainer may seem longer than the yellow brick road to Oz, but finally the secret steps have been revealed. Go from behind a camera to in front of a camera by following such inspiring, award-winning coaches as Mike Starr, Kathryn Joosten, Will Sampson, Richard Dreyfuss, Ernie Hudson, Irma Hall, James Gammon, Bill Erwin, Erick Avari, Lee Garlington, Lindsay Hollister, Richard Thomas, and Beverley Todd.


From closed doors to klieg lights, move smoothly into the toughest business while you are still far from theaters and stages. Learn how to practice at home, sharpen your technique, and get your name before the public open. Casting directors will soon love your audition.


  • Uncover the mystery of improvisation
  • Master body doubling, voice work, and stunting
  • Learn what to do before, during, and after auditions
  • Study how favorite performers transform themselves into characters
  • Acquire tips on preparing for roles

Foreword by Mike Starr. Illustrated with over 100 photos. Index

About the author: Jason Norman is the author of Behind the Screams. He has won two Virginia Press Association awards and also is a college English professor.

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"Framed as an examination into the process that goes into becoming a successful character actor, the book kicks off on a sincere yet somewhat silly note, with several (seemingly obvious) tips for wannabe actors and brief acting-coach insights. But the real meat of this 398-page book lies in its incredible array of interviews. First up, over 50 character actors discuss their experiences crafting one iconic role—including John Capelos (on playing The Breakfast Club’s janitor), Dana Barron (Audrey Griswold in National Lampoon’s Vacation), DeWayne Jessie (Animal House’s Otis Day), John Mutuszak (Sloth in The Goonies), Dwier Brown (Ray Kinsella’s dad in Field of Dreams), and Danyi Deats (River’s Edge’s dead girl)—followed by more general but equally absorbing career overviews and comments from 32 of the most accomplished character actors in the business, including Richard Thomas, Wendy Crewson, M. C. Gainey, Mike Starr, Irma Hall, Kurt Fuller, Erick Avari, and even Richard Dreyfuss. "

- Shock Cinema