Beasts! Bedlam! And Babes! (paperback)
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Beasts! Bedlam! And Babes! (paperback)

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Beasts! Bedlam! And Babes!

by Richard J. Shmelter

458 pages

6x9 size

ISBN 9798887714196

Beasts! Bedlam! and Babes!!!!

Welcome to this literary drive-in theater, a true labor of love that presents over one hundred drive-in flicks from the late 1950’s through the early 1980’s. Alright folks, let us set the tone for this adventure.  Dusk is falling over the area, and the neon lights of the drive-in and concession stand are calling out like beacons and ready for business. It is now time to fill in the name of your favorite drive-in, no matter the time period.  SEE, NOW WASN’T THAT FUN!!!  Nothing like a bit of individuality to add a personal touch to this experience. Now, it is time to sit back and enjoy this collection of crazed maniacs, freaky monsters, bad ass bikers, and sexy women.  And now my fellow drive-in fanatics, it is time to showcase the films.

HERE WE GO!!!!..............

Richard J. Shmelter is a writer/researcher, and podcast host, from Sagamore Hills, Ohio. His specializes in sports history, American crime history, with emphasis on the Prohibition era, and Hollywood history. He is a member of the North American branch of the International Association of Crime Writers, the American Crime Writers League, and the Pro Football Researchers Association.  Beasts, Bedlam and Babes is Mr. Shmelter’s ninth solo book project, and he has also helped out on three other books pertaining to professional football history.

In addition to his writing projects, he hosts the podcast “Flashback” on Raiders Fan Radio that discusses the incredible, and at many times, the wild moments, in the history of the Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders. 

LIGHTS/CAMERA/AUTHOR interview with RIchard J. Shmelter: