Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 1 (hardback)
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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 1 (hardback)

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Release date: Nov. 15, 2024

Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 1

by W. R. Miller

Foreword by Robert Greenberger


852 pages

8.5x11 size


ISBN 9798887710907


Praise for The Unofficial Batman:
The Animated Interviews


“Bob Miller’s highly researched and thoroughly engaging history, Batman: The Animated Interviews, is a testament to a terrific writer who clearly loves storytelling and animation as he chronicles the gargantuan efforts to develop, produce and showcase the multi-Emmy award-winning Batman: The Animated Series. These books should be part of the curriculum of any school or university teaching writing, production and animation. Bob’s books describe the perseverance, passions and unfettered commitment to quality from all those engaged to deliver a truly great series, from the ‘upstart’ network, Fox Kids, to the remarkable creative output of the teams at Warner Animation. We all truly believed this Batman series would be great and Bob’s penetrating questions, which rendered thoughtful answers, help the readers and fans understand how the series was made, and why it worked so well. It was like a perfect storm. Everything came together … not easily, but magnificently.”

— Margaret Loesch, President & CEO/Vice-Chairman, Fox Kids Networks Worldwide, 1990-1998. Winner of five Daytime Emmy Awards. Responsible for bringing Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, and the Power Rangers franchise to Fox Kids television.


“Holy-hairdo – Bob Miller has compiled an incredible collation of factual knowledge and an extraordinary thesis that fully captures the depth and breadth of this groundbreaking series. Bob has skillfully allowed the reader to share in the wonderful creative process that the show creators went to in the production of this show – and he has opened up a greater understanding for all fans of the Batman animated series of why it has entered the pantheon of television production and animated series. Congratulations to Bob for another stellar publication, and for keeping the flame burning so brightly for the craft of TV animation.”

— Richard Taylor, CEO/Creative Director, Wētā Workshop (Wellington, NZ).


“What a terrific read this is. There are so many great stories and such great insights into the making of that show that it’s astonishing. I can’t wait to read the next volume.”

— Craig Miller, Producer, Publicist, Writer, and first Director of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm.