Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 5 (hardback)
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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 5 (hardback)

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Release date: Nov. 15, 2024

Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 5

by W. R. Miller

Foreword by Jerry Beck


742 pages

8.5x11 size


ISBN 9798887710990             Batman the Animated Interviews vol. 5 hb


Praise for The Unofficial Batman:
The Animated Interviews


“On rare occasions, the right people come together at the right time for the right opportunity. That was the case for Batman: The Animated Series and its successors. Thanks to W.R. Miller, those people tell their stories about how this ground-breaking work was made, changing the face of TV animation forever.

“I have to say that I am extremely impressed with the thoroughness. Lots of animation-related interviews stick to the artists, but Miller has gone way beyond that and he’s given people a comprehensive idea of how an animated series comes together. Obviously, the fans will love this, but I think that the books have value for historians and for students. Anyone who aspires to get into the business will get a better picture of all that’s involved from these books than from anything else I’m aware of.”

—Mark Mayerson, animator, historian, and educator. Creator of Monster by Mistake and Tripp to the Stars.


“Bob Miller’s superb books on the various Warner Batman animated series produced since 1992 shine a well-deserved spotlight (or should I say Bat-Signal) on the creatives behind these game-changing shows.”

—Jerry Beck, animation historian. June Foray Award and Inkpot Award recipient.


“Batman: The Animated Interviews brings together five volumes that include every bit of information about these animated series that you could imagine. I am in awe of Bob Miller’s meticulous attention to detail, his thorough research, and his ability to ask all the right questions of the insiders who created and produced the series. Bob continues to be one of the most important chroniclers of animation history today and he has produced a series of important and compelling interviews. His knowledge of Warner Bros. Animation and the Batman cartoons is astounding and these books are a gift to the fans.”

—Linda Simensky, network executive, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids. June Foray Award honoree.


“This collection is a treasure. While a handful of bits of commentary make their way in from our videos at the Watchtower Database YouTube channel, there is just so much I’ve yet to read that I’ll be flipping through here for weeks ... and that’s a good thing! For all our research through interviews old and new, to try and stay as objective as possible for our DC Animated Universe-themed videos and other projects, Bob has done the unthinkable: put the vast majority of it in one place. I know I’ll be referencing these essays for years to come!”

—James Strecker, producer/editor, Watchtower Database.


*  *  *


W. R. (Bob) Miller is a writer, animator, storyboard artist, and historian, a 36-year veteran of the animation industry with two Emmys for storyboarding on The Simpsons, and ASIFA-Hollywood’s Annie Awards Certificate of Merit. His published works include The Star Wars Historical Sourcebook and The Animated Voice series, with articles in Starlog, Comics Scene, Comics Buyer’s Guide and the online Animation Scoop. Website: