Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 4 (hardback)
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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 4 (hardback)

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Release date: Nov. 15, 2024

Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 4

by W. R. Miller

Foreword by Joe R. Lansdale


638 pages

8.5x11 size


ISBN 9798887710976


Praise for The Unofficial Batman:
The Animated Interviews


“He’s done it again! What a delight for any Batman fan, or indeed, lovers of the evolution of pop culture. From the very start you’re taken on a journey of discovery. Just like the caped crusader himself, no stone is left unturned. From ‘Pow’ to ‘Wow.’ 

“W.R. Miller emulates Batman himself with his very own forensic tenacity and attention to detail, charting the history of our hero’s animated life! This really has to be the most definitive timeline you can imagine. It’s like the Batman bible!” 

—David Whiteley - British TV anchor and filmmaker. 


“Bob Miller has done the impossible … he has managed to document the creation of the entire DCAU. I just can’t believe how extensive it is. I was there, but I learned so much I wasn’t aware of. This is now the definitive book on the creation of the DCAU.” 

—Dan Riba, director, Annie Award nominee and three-time Emmy Award winner.


“Bob Miller is a true fan and a true insider who knows how great things are made, and his creator interviews uncover deep and real insights. The perspectives contained in these volumes are fascinating and delightful!”

—Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond, Emmy Award-winning producers and co-creators, The Dragon Prince.


“Bob Miller’s extensive research results in an incredibly comprehensive set of volumes about all things Animated Batman portrayed by Warner Bros. Animation. We’re thrilled these interviews and history are finally available to the general public and particularly to fans of the shows. We’re pleased to be a part of such a monumental work.”

—Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis, Kristopher Carter—The Dynamic Music Partners, composers. Daytime Emmy Award winners for Batman Beyond and many nominations for the Emmy, Annie and Jerry Goldsmith Awards.