Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 3 (hardback)
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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 3 (hardback)

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Batman: The Animated Interviews, Vol. 3

by W. R. Miller

Foreword by Andrea Romano


630 pages

8.5x11 size


ISBN 9798887710952 


Praise for The Unofficial Batman:
The Animated Interviews


“These interviews are like a debriefing … and offer great insight into what we were thinking and doing in our combined effort to create something new from something existing … something comic book fans had very strong opinions about. This book delves into how we accomplished that goal. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did!”

—Andrea Romano, casting and voice director, eight-time Emmy Award winner.


“A definitive account detailing the creation and development of Batman: The Animated Series, its history and legacy, brilliantly compiled by Robert Miller. Entertaining, informative, and absolutely riveting, a must-read for all Batman fans and Animation historians. Bravo Robert, you’ve earned your place in the Batcave!”

—Randy Rogel, Emmy-winning writer on Batman: The Animated Series.


“For decades, I’ve known Bob as one of animation scholarship’s most ambitious, meticulous historians. So I knew that when he compiled his Batman interviews in book form, he’d do the job right. What he’s produced exceeds even my expectations. Every legendary TV series deserves a tribute as loving, wide-ranging, and authoritative as what he’s created.”

—Harry McCracken, technology editor, Fast Company and former editor, Animato.


“I know Bob Miller to be a multi-faceted artist with a curiosity for and knowledge of pop culture matched only by his impressive skills and talents as a writer and artist. Bob is a creative soul to the core with a finely tuned microscope aimed keenly on the details. From my experience, Bob is an artist’s interviewer; he asks the questions of his subjects that demand thoughtfulness and truthful expression. It’s always a pleasure to be in conversation with him - he listens closely and reports truthfully.”

—Jason Simpson, actor, Leo and UBCP/ACTRA Award honoree, voice of Lord Viren and Barius on The Dragon Prince.