Barney Miller and the Files of the Ol’ One-Two (ebook)
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Barney Miller and the Files of the Ol’ One-Two (ebook)

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Delve into the files of the 12th Precinct and learn more than you ever imagined about Barney, Wojo, Nick, Harris, and the rest of the gang in that dingy little squad room in Greenwich Village.

With producer Danny Arnold at the helm, this intelligently written workplace narrative provided audiences with one of the most realistic, sensitive, and hilarious sitcoms in a decade of revolutionary TV comedy. In these ÿ les are the stories of the actors who brought the 12th Precinct to life as well as the numerous oddball victims, criminals, and visitors that passed through over eight laugh-filled seasons. Also included are little known facts about the behind-the-scenes struggles as well as never-before-seen photos of the cast and crew in action. All in all, a plethora of evidence for fans to peruse and enjoy.


“Thanks for the memories, and for a lot I didn’t remember, and for a lot I never knew. You plugged into the “funny.” As actors we plugged into the “real,” and let the “funny” happen. What is amazing is that after forty plus years, it’s still relevant and courageous!” - Hal Linden


“Wonderfully researched and written, Otto’s straightforward sharing of what he has learned comes from a deep and genuine curiosity and appreciation for collaborative creativity whether it’s on the baseball diamond, the music bandstand, or the film and television studio.” - Max Gail

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