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Any Way I Can - Fifty Years in Show Business (ebook)

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Any Way I Can: 50 Years in Show Business presents the legendary life of veteran television and movie screenwriter John Gay, one of Hollywood's most prolific treasures.

From an original comedy sketch that launched the broke fledging actor and his new bride onto WOR-TV's first broadcast day on the air in 1949 to writing during the Golden Age of Television, John Gay's memoir details his breathtaking trajectory into Oscar-nominated feature films and Emmy Award-winning television shows.

He began writing for television in 1951, when tvs were only in a few American homes and all programs were in black and white. He wrote several dozen episodes of various shows, and then he made the giant leap into films with the prestigous Run Silent, Run Deep (1958), which starred Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. 

The next year, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Separate Tables (1959), which starred Rita Hayworth and Deborah Kerr.

John also wrote yet did not receive credit for Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) and How The West Was Won (1962). That same year, he wrote the extremely popular The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, which starred Glenn Ford and Charles Boyer.

John was much more than a great writer; he was a genuinely good man, who was hoisted into stardom by his writing of so many great screenplays and yet he maintained a good, solid relationship with his family during most of his career. Whether he was adapting Charles Dickens for the small screen, writing a docudrama without landing in jail, or sitting alongside Prince Rainier in Monaco at a performance of his one-man play, John lived show business any way he could and had an exciting run for fifty remarkable years.

This richly researched autobiography is co-authored by Gay and his daughter, Jennifer (Gay) Summers, and the book includes a treasure trove of rare photos that capture the glamour and excitement of Hollywood and television’s Golden Years.