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Angie: The Life and Films of Angie Dickinson (ebook)

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Angie Dickinson is one of American film and television’s most popular, durable, and talented actresses. In this, the first book-length study of her career, film historian James Stratton explores the professional highlights and personal experiences behind the household name. Carefully researched and richly illustrated, this long-overdue treatment includes a biographical profile, an analysis of each of Angie’s more than fifty feature films, an annotated listing of her made-for-TV movies, and a spirited appraisal of the dramatic skills that have enabled her to be equally persuasive whether playing a treacherous femme fatale or a dedicated military nurse. The Angie Dickinson who emerges from the author’s consistently engaging portrait is beautiful, smart, provocative, and resilient. A comprehensive, insightful resource designed for fans and general readers alike.