A Century in the Telling: Must-See Genre Films (hardback)
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A Century in the Telling: Must-See Genre Films (hardback)

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A Century in the Telling: Must-See Genre Films

by James Stratton


546 pages

6x9 size  

ISBN 9798887713960


This perceptive, entertaining book celebrates a century of genre films, everything from comedies and musicals to war pictures, sports sagas, horror movies, science fiction, and film noir. 

Richly illustrated, it moves with ease from analysis of theme and style to consideration of historical context, social significance, and production background. 

Film historian James Stratton writes in a vivid, conversational style that will appeal to students, film buffs, and general readers. 

One of the book’s special features is that it brings fresh insight to such familiar titles as Swing Time, Gilda, Air Force One, and Batman Begins while introducing readers to lesser-known, equally rewarding treasures like Five Came Back, The Hitch-Hiker, Prime Cut, Eight Below, and Let Me In

Panoramic in scope, this highly informative account weighs the contributions of stars, directors, writers, cinematographers, and all the various other studio artists and technicians who have shaped the film genres still popular today.


James Stratton has written several books about films and filmmakers and lives in southern California.