Reviews of "Pallenberg Wonder Bears - From the Beginning"

Pallenberg Wonder Bears – From the Beginning is a captivating narrative you couldn’t have dreamed up, but won’t want to put down. I’ve been in publishing for a long time and at this point it takes something really unique to raise my eyebrows -- and this story certainly did, from the very first page.”
-- Justin Race, Director, Purdue University Press

  “The rich history of Pallenberg's Wonder Bears has been brought to life through the meticulous research of Peggy Adler and Dibirma Jean Burnham. They weave together the fascinating story of the world's most famous bear act through newly revealed documents and rare  photographs that transport the reader back to an era when audiences marveled at Emil Pallenberg’s skillful training and embraced the performances of his amazing bears.”
-- Chris Berry, Circus Historian

"I just finished all of this wonderful bear book (I left the glossary for
last).  It is both interesting and very entertaining at the same time.
Peggy Adler has found her element with historical books, and I hope she does more!"
-- An Emeritus at
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