Review from Gary Roen's Bookshelf: Classic TV Icons

MBR review from Gary Roen's Bookshelf: "Classic TV Icons Action & Drama is a great look back at so many great shows and the actors who played in them. Some of the performers are Bill Bixby who was in My Favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddies Father, The Incredible Hulk, Richard Boone, Medic, Have Gun Will Travel, The Richard Boone Show, Jack Webb, Dragnet, his productions of Adam 12, Emergency, David Janssen, The Fugitive, Harry O, Mike Connors Tightrope, Mannix, are just a few of the actors and shows. For the stars Gross tells about the movies all players have been in. "Classic TV Icons Action & Drama" is a well-researched for fans of the programs detailed to add viewing pleasure of the players and shows."
-- Gary Roen, Reviewer

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