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Ib Melchior wrote this screenplay in the late 1990s as a light comedy concerning the comeuppance of an unscrupulous, thievish movie mogul and an unethical, amoral motion picture studio. He had been just such a victim several times. On advice from others, he accepted the facts and began writing Zapppfor comfort. While seeking a protagonists and antagonist, he was nearly run off a road while driving. He wished he had the power to zappp the offensive driver and make all the sparkplugs in his car jump out, and suddenlythere was his idea.


About the Author

Ib Melchior, author and former motion picture writer-director-producer of twelve feature films and numerous TV shows and documentaries, was born and educated in Denmark. After WW2, he became active in television and began his writing career. He directed over 500 TV shows, both live and filmed, from The Perry Como Show on CBS (on which he served as director for three-and-a-half years) to the dramatic documentary seriesThe March of Medicine, on NBC. He has served as director or in a production capacity on eight feature motion pictures<

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