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Old Time Radio fans still love hearing Walter Tetley as Leroy in episodes of The Great Gildersleeve and as the obnoxious grocery boy, Julius, on The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show. New generations grow to love him each year through his voice characterizations in animated cartoons, such as Sherman on Mr. Peabody, Felix the Cat, and Andy Panda. You might even remember the electric utility mascot, Reddy Kilowatt on commercials throughout the 1960s-1970s.


The perennial boy who never grew up survived on talent and determination, yet his life was far from animated. His inspiring yet poignant tale encloses his secret challenges of loneliness, isolation, and overcoming disabilities.


Discover his stirring story in this revised Second Edition by prolific author Ben Ohmart, a complete biography drawn from Walter’s personal scrapbooks and family memorabilia. More than 200 pages, including many rare photos that were previously unavailable and an extensive List of Credits.


“Very well done, and fascinating.”– Jim Harmon, OTR author


“It is an ultimately sad story to be sure, but it is also a story to be treasured.” –Radiogram/Rodney Bowcock, Jr.


“So little has been written, and when a book does come along and attempts to tell the whole story, while also giving us a fine appreciation of his work, well, I’m happy. Includes an incredible list of credits.” – Classic Images/Laura Wagner

"Ohmart, with access to personal records from Tetley's childhood, weaves a fascinating and accurate history of this famous child actor. The textual material is amplified by dozens of previously unpublished photographs. This book takes the reader from the early phenomenal success of Tetley on network radio through his modest career in Hollywood and ending very sadly with his undeserved descent into relative obscurity and poverty."
Jack French for Radio Recall

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