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By special arrangement with Marsha Hunt herself, Bear Manor is pleased to offer original copies of her acclaimed 1993 book The Way We Wore.


This is the very same book that has been selling for up to $200 from collectors and used book dealers. Thanks to Bear Manor, this remarkable book is available anew to fans,collectors, and fashion aficionados at the original cover price of $49.95 plus an additional $10 for fast, safe shipping.


The Way We Wore presents selections from Marsha Hunt’s personal treasury of pictures, fashion layouts, production stills, and publicity shots from her early days of film acting, principally at Paramount and MGM Studios, where she spent years of the 1930s and ‘40s under contract.These photographs provide a comprehensive look at what American women of moderate to fortunate means actually wore during that graceful period. Many of the fashion pictures carry studio press release captions as well as her own present-day comments some 50 years later!


Miss Hunt photographs quite differently from one shot to another, providing a variety,even though she is the sole model in all the fashion pictures. Many other actors will be found in scenes from films and social events.


There are hundreds of photographs and much accompanying text of Miss Hunt’s highly personal commentary and recollections. Included are several chapters that cover significant trend and events of the period and her involvement in them, setting the mood of those times, and for whatever reader interest they might hold.


Miss Hunt begins her unique account explaining the birth of the book and tracing the moods of several decades. She concludes with “End of an Era - Our World Since Then,” an astonishing list of the myriad changes in the world since mid-century and their effect on our lives and how we now dress.


Included among the outfits shown are some by the now legendary studio designers Howard Shoup, Dolly Tree, Irene, Edith Head, Orry-Kelly, Edward Stevenson, and Travis Banton.



Since the book’s publication:


Now in her 90s, Miss Hunt remains a popular and respected presence in both the entertainment and social action communities. In addition to her earlier involvement with the United Nations in programs to end world starvation, she was founder of the San Fernando Valley Mayors’ Fund for the Homeless and worked successfully to raise money to open a shelter for homeless families. A lifelong supporter of equal rights, in 2013 she wrote the music and lyrics for “Here’s to All Who Love,” a song supporting marriage equality, that has become a standard within the gay community.

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She is the subject of Roger C. Memos’s acclaimed 2015 biographical documentary Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity and continues to make appearances at prestigious archive screenings of her films.


From Library Journal

Hunt, a popular actress during the heyday of Hollywood movies, was a former Powers model known for her sense of style. Over 500 photographs from her personal collection--studio shots, wardrobe tests, movie stills, and clippings--provide an exciting visual record of a more innocent era in film and fashion. While some of the clothes are by famous costume designers, others, including Hunt's own designs, are less well known. They will therefore be new to most readers and probably more representative of what was actually worn at the time. Accessories, hairstyles, and makeup are also featured, all modeled by Hunt, whose beauty, charm, and versatility radiate throughout. Her wistful commentary recalls a happy career as a studio contract player that was cut short by the 1950s House Committee on Un-American Activities. This book is a gold mine of information for fashion students, designers, and old movie buffs.Enthusiastically recommended.

- Therese D. Baker, Western Kentucky Univ. Libs., Bowling Green
Copyright ©1993 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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