THE RAILROAD HOUR by Gerald Wilson and Martin Grams, Jr.


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* A history of this fascinating musical program, revealing why the show was referred to as "Hour" when the series was broadcast on a 30-minute time slot, why the series never features operas, and much more!

* A complete episode guide listing in extreme detail, all 299 episodes with titles of all songs, who sung them, the order in which they were sung, the origins of all musicals, plots, cast lists (who played who) and much more!

* Trivia listed under various episode entries.

* The Railroad Hour commercials.

* Biography and partnership of Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee.

* Broadcast times schedule.

* Complete list of ABC Networks that carried the program.

* Complete list of the NBC Networks also.

* Complete list of Railroad sponsors for the program.

* Awards and Honors.

* Fully indexed.

* Plus much, much more!

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