THE MUMMY'S CURSE by Philip J. Riley, Gregory William Mank, John W. Conforti


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The final Mummy film! Introduction by the grandson of horror mega-star Lon Chaney, Jr. and interviews with starlett Virginia Christine ("Princess Anaka"). Rare photographs and complete shooting script. How is it that make-up mastermind Jack Pierce almost permanently disfigured the young and beautiful Christine? What was Chaney's real opinion of the Mummy role? What is the legacy of the Universal's Mummy series?

Produced in cooperation with Universal Studios and the Lon Chaney family. Written by Greg Mank. Includes production background, rare photos and the complete shooting script!

Anyone who cares about classic monster movies will find a treasure trove of information, rare photos, and meticulous detail in these books. They are obviously a labor of love.
Leonard Maltin

"Each page is filled with documented information that will change a few history books. The student of writing for the screen has an opportunity to see the development of screenplays under every possible condition."
— Ray Bradbury, Author

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