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Samuel Bronston produced some of the greatest and most remembered epic films of the sixties. El Cid, King of Kings, Fall of the Roman Empire, 55 Days at Peking, John Paul Jones, and Circus World. With a literal "cast of thousands," and the biggest and most historically accurate sets ever built, the films have become legendary. The Magnificent Showman tells the stories behind the making of these memorable films, and explores the ambitious and quixotic man who brought them into being.

This is the story of the film making empire Bronston created in Spain, hiring reknowned Directors like Nicholas Ray and Anthony Mann, and attracting first rate talent like Charlton Heston, Christopher Plummer, Stephen Boyd, Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, James Mason, Alec Guinness, Rita Hayworth, David Niven, John Wayne and others. In many ways, the drama off screen was as exciting as the action in front of the cameras. This book highlights the behind the scenes drama and conflict as Bronston struggled to bring these great stories to the big screen, and documents the extravagance that led to tremendous success, and then colossal failure as the Bronston empire collapsed in a series of legal battles and bankruptcies.

Creating an amazing 6 major films in 6 years, Samuel Bronston left a legacy of artistic quality and innovation that are fondly remembered to this day. Films will never again be made in the way Bronston made them. Then, and now, Samuel Bronston remains The Magnificent Showman.

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