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"Hey, did you hear the one about the honest lawyer?…"
"So, this priest says to a rabbi…"

When it comes to comedy, nobody knows the comics and their jokes as well as Mel Simons. Mel has spent his entire career enjoying, collecting and chronicling the best of the best, whether it be the comedy of radio, TV, nightclubs or stand-up comedians. Take These Jokes, Please! is the latest in Mel’s prolific series of books, which cover radio, television, music, and comedians.

Take These Jokes, Please! includes the jokes of the greatest of the greats, including comics who Mel knew personally, including entertainers like Milton Berle, Red Buttons and Joan Rivers. If you just like jokes for jokes’ sake, he has also placed humor into categories, such as “Lawyer Jokes” and “Bar Jokes.”

Mel, an entertainer, lecturer, author and radio personality lives in Boston. His home boasts one of the largest collections of entertainment memorabilia anywhere.

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Listen to an audio interview with Mel Simons by clicking here.

Listen to another audio interview with Mel Simons by clicking here.

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