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Interviews with James Darren, Kathleen Wilhoite, Ron Masak, Fred Melamed, and writer/director Robert Klane. Reviews include Peter Bonerz in John Korty's Funnyman; Jason Ledger in The Ballad of Billie Blue; Laurence Fishburne and Albert Hall in If You Give a Dance You Gotta Pay the Band; Richard Harris in Your Ticket is No Longer Valid; Jillian Fargey in the Canadian teen runaway drama Close To Home; Jean Gabin and Simone Signoret in Le Chat; Don Gordon in The Lollipop Cover; Juraj Kukura in Peter Zadek's The Roaring Fifties [Die Wilden Fünfziger]; Barry Brown and Britt Ekland in The Ultimate Thrill; Chris Robinson and Ted Cassidy in Catch the Black Sunshine; Bob Hope in Joys!; Robert Hogan and Melinda Plank in Greenwich Village Story; Jean Yonnel in Fyodor Otsep's Amok; Victor Spinetti and Vanessa Howard in Derek Ford's This - That and the Other!; Tom Ligon and Logan Ramsey in Jump [a.k.a. Fury on Wheels]; David Janssen and Mickey Rourke in City in Fear; William Calloway and Jeannie Linero in Flush; Michael Parks in Can Ellen Be Saved?; Tim Noah in In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle Woo; Derek Ford's Secret Rites; Susan Player in Sergio Martino's Loving Cousins [Cugini Carnali]; Lino Ventura in Pierre Granier-Deferre's The Cage; Cüneyt Arkin in The Sword and the Claw; Michael St, Gerard in Star Time; et cetera.

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