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Interviews with Jon Gries, Warren Berlinger, Larry B. Scott, William Morgan Sheppard, and Art LaFleur. Reviews include Bruce Davison in John Flynn's The Jerusalem File; Bernie Travis in Dirtymouth; Julie London in Hugo Haas' Night Of the Quarter Moon; James Brolin and Cliff Gorman in John Korty's Class of '63; Nicol Williamson and Anna Karina in Tony Richardson's Laughter un the Dark; Chris Robinson and Mickey Rooney in Ace Of Hearts [Juego Sucio en Panamá]; Hannelore Elsner in Will Tremper's The Endless Night [Die Endlose Nacht] ; Stacy Keach and Roger Moore in Street People; Marie-France Pisier, Bulle Ogier and Leslie Caron in Sérail [Surreal Estate]; Andrew Leavold's The Search For Weng Weng; Eckhart Schmidt's Loft; Harry Guardino in The Lonely Profession; Joseph Bologna and Barbara Harris in Mixed Company; Jean Seberg and James Mason in Kill; Miklós Jancsó's Private Vices, Public Virtues; Khigh Dhiegh, Mako and James Hong in Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders; James Bickert's Frankenstein Created Bikers; Lucinda Dooling in Lovely But Deadly; Marcello Mastroianni and Marthe Keller in Down the Ancient Stairs; Michel Piccoli in The Prize of Peril; Gérard Kikoïne's Mannequin; Joe Don Baker in Phil Karlson's Framed; Riccardo Freda and Mario Bava's Caltiki, the Immortal Monster; et cetera.

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