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Interviews with Tim Matheson, Scott Wilson, David Huddleston, Mike Starr, and Peter Jason. Reviews include Ian McShane, Isaac Hayes and Antonio Fargas, Jr. in Soul Survivors; Daniel Greene and Peter Lupus pump it up in Pulsebeat; Steve Hawkes in Manuel Caño's Tarzan-knock-off Zan, King of the Jungle; Richard Conte tackles a decades-old murder in William Castle's Hollywood Story; Ossie Davis stars as The Sheriff; Aussie director Albie Thoms' "surfie" drama Palm Beach; Larry Pennell and Kim Kahana in Brother, Cry For Me; François Dunoyer and Corinne Touzet in Les Hordes; Matt Mitler's Cracking Up; Chris Makepeace and Scott Hylands in A Savage Hunger [a.k.a. The Oasis]; a pair of UK bank-heist films, Strongroom and Bomb in the High Street; Robert Walker, Jr. in The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe; Donald Pleasence and Patrick McGoohan in Armchair Theatre: "The Greatest Man in the World"; Dieter Laser in Yevgeni Zamyatin's Wir [We]; Alan Alda and Blythe Danner in To Kill a Clown; Glenn Ford and Anthony Quayle in Jarrett; Frank Langella in Sherlock Holmes; Victor Buono and Burt Young in the TV-detective spoof Murder Can Hurt You!; Sydne Rome in The Tin Girl; Max von Sydow in Jan Troell's The Flight of the Eagle; The Changes; Sergio Sollima's The Big Gundown; Clu Gulager in Vic; David Yow in William Hellfire's Upsidedown Cross; et cetera.

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