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Interviews with Chris Elliott, Bruce Davison, Steve Railsback, Ian Ogilvy, and O-Lan Jones. Reviews include Bulle Ogier and Pierre Clementi in Les Idoles; Mark IV Pictures' boy-meets-bear melodrama A Stranger in My Forest; Scott Jacoby and Britt Ekland in Baxter!; a pair of early Martin Scorsese credits -- Pim de la Parra's Netherlands psychodrama Possessed [Bezeten; a.k.a. Obessions] and John Mavros' Reflections; Tom Selleck searches for arsonist Warren Oates in The Movie Murderer; Jackie Mason in The Stoolie; Sonny Chiba goes feral in Wolfguy: Enraged Lycanthrope; The Cloning of Clifford Swimmer; Anthony Hopkins turns action hero in When Eight Bells Toll; Oliver Tobias and Ernest Borgnine in The Last Match; Richard Griffin's exploitation duet, The Disco Exorcist and Atomic Brain Invasion; Carroll Baker in Marco Ferreri's The Harem; Richard Boone and Randy Quaid in The Great Niagara; Damon Packard's Foxfur; David Peel: Rock'N'Roll Outlaw; John Hawkes in Daniel Erickson's Scary Movie; Darren Ward's A Day of Violence; James Mason and Ian Ogilvy in Cop-Out; The Naked Road; a French boy is menaced by a maniaical Santa Claus in Game Over [36.15 Code Pere Noel]; Peter Finch and Linda Hayden in Something to Hide; Elizabeth Taylor in the U.S./Russian mega-bomb The Blue Bird; The Beast of Budapest; James Bickert's underground bikerama Dear God No!; et cetera.

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