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Interviews with Bo Hopkins, Gary Lockwood, Alex Cord, William Katt, and Marki Bey. Reviews include Melissa Sue Anderson and Robert Carradine in Survival of Dana; Judy Geeson in the Danish psychodrama One of Those Things; Robert D. West's The Wednesday Children; Adam Roarke and Neville Brand in This is a Hijack; Kim Willoughby in Tearaway [a.k.a. Queen City Rocker]; Stella Stevens in Linda; Robert Warmflash's martial-arts romp Death Promise; Shelley Winters and a cross-dressing Max von Sydow in Gran Bollito; Rip Torn as poet Walt Whitman in Song of Myself; Klaus Hoffmeyer's mega-dose of Danish surrealism, The Hash Tree; Patrick Macnee, Connie Stevens and Marty Allen in Mister Jerico; the Hungarian children's fantasy Grandpa Chillie Challa; Ricky Shayne in The Battle of the Mods; the hippie-sexploitation double-bill Psychedelicsex Kicks and Wild Hippie Orgy; Piotr Szulkin's bleak science-fiction vision, The War of the Worlds: Next Century; Bert Convy in the tennis sex-comedy Racquet; Nicanor Loreti's Diablo; John Loder in The Brighton Strangler; Albert Pyun's Tales of an Ancient Empire; Xaviera Hollander in the Canadian sex-comedy My Pleasure is My Business; Peter Boyle and Scott Jacoby in The Man Who Could Talk To Kids; Ben Gazzara and Paul Winfield in High Velocity; et cetera.

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