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Interviews with actors Nigel Davenport and Luke Askew, actress Marlene Clark, director Michael Schultz, and producer-production manager Paul Lewis. Reviews include Zero Mostel and Joey Heatherton in the Yellowstone TV-special Old Faithful; Rene Cardona Sr.'s The Incredible Professor Zovek; Celine Lomez in Denys Arcand's Gina; Lena Headey in Loved Up; the Norwegian sci-fi mini-series Stowaway [Blindpassasjer]; Connie Stevens and Mark Damon in The Party Crashers; David Johansen in God Is On The Other Side; Andrzej Kondratiuk's superhero-fantasy The Hydroriddle; Joe Don Baker and Tyne Daly in Speedtrap; Victor Dashuk's Long Knives Night and Reporting From A Rabbit Hutch; Ferd and Beverly Sebastian's On the Air Live With Captain Midnight; Peter Lawford in the Eurotrash melodrama Walls of Sin; Jay Cynik's Punch; Vittorio Gassman and Catherine Deneuve in Dino Risi's Lost Soul; Richard Roundtree in Charley-One-Eye; Michel Deville's paranoia-fueled sci-fi outing Dossier 51; The Canyons Of His Mind: Vivian Stanshall; Bert I. Gordon's How To Succeed With Sex; Peter Ustinov and John Astin in Viva Max; Victor Argo in The Electric Chair; Elizabeth Campbell in Albert Zugsmith's The Chinese Room; et cetera.

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