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Interviews with actor Richard Lynch, director Richard Rush, plus actresses Linda Haynes and Jennifer Ashley. Reviews include Richard Boone in John Huston's The Kremlin Letter; Dennis Potter's A Beast with Two Backs; David Janssen and Yaphet Kotto in The Man in the Back Seat; a collection of Doodles Weaver comedy-shorts, Doodles Lover Diary; Jean-Louis Trintignant's A Full Day's Work; Walt Disney's tripped-out ode to American car culture, Dad...Can I Borrow the Car?; a live-action, X-rated tribute to Tijuana Bibles, Sex in the Comics; Bruce Davison in The Wave; Jean Gabin in Razzia Sur La Chnouf; George Hamilton in Crime and Punishment U.S.A.; Stanislaw Lem's Test Pilot Pirx; Priscilla Barnes, Barbara Feldon and Maureen McCormick in A Vacation in Hell; Guy Bedos and Sophie Daumier in Aimez-Vous Les Femmes? [Do You Like Women?]; Timothy Bottoms, Susan George and Bo Hopkins in A Small Town in Texas; Ryan Dacko's Plan 9 From Syracuse; Jerry Stuhr in Piotr Szulkin's post-apocalyptic O-Bi, O-Ba, End Of Civilization; Keith J. Crocker's Blitzkrieg: Escape From Stalag 69; JoBeth Williams in Noel Black's The World Beyond: "Monster"; Lex Barker, Anne Bancroft and Mamie Van Doren in The Girl in Black Stockings; et cetera.

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