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A collection of interviews from some of the leading and up-and-coming names in genre fiction, including Eduardo Sanchez, William Nolan, Raymond Benson, Jack Ketcham, Raymond Feist, Joe Schrieber, Kevin J. Anderson, and Roger Price.

In this second volume to Scribes of Speculative Fiction: A Collection of Interviews, author Cristopher DeRose’s interviews provide insights into the minds of today’s best authors and an eclectic mix of penetrating insights into their unique worlds. If you’re a fan of James Bond, Rift War, The Blair Witch Project, Star Wars, Logan’s Run, X-Files, Dune, or The Tomorrow People, you’ll discover the unforgettably diverse blend of talents behind these works that thrilled an entire generation and still stimulate the imaginations of  new readers.

About the author: father, photographer, musician, writer and martial artist, Cristopher DeRose has published more than a hundred articles in magazines, such as Filmax and Cemetery Dance. He was a Staff Writer for the Sci-Fi Channel for several years. He worked as Editor for Dark Matter Magazine: A Chronicle of the Speculative Mind for its three-year run. His nonfiction books include Cobra on My Left, Leopard on My Right; and Scribes of Speculative Fiction Vol. I and Scribes of Speculative Fiction Vol. II. His fiction books include To Cast a Violent Shadow and 2020 Eternal. He lives in Los Angeles, California.

“Cristopher writes characters that feel as real as true souls, so there is no better interviewer to get to the creative souls of the writers in this book. May there be a Scribes III.”—Bruce Larson, author of Nightmares and Other Vices and Within and Beyond: The Realms of the Sun.


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