POWER: Life On the Edge in L.A. by Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman


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In the summer of 1990, National Public Radio broadcast the nightly two-hour program Heat – with John Hockenberry, devoted to the arts, politics and culture. The producer, Ted Bonnitt, contracted Peter and me to create a weekly five-minute comic serial lampooning the culture of Hollywood, and these are the original audio scripts, as pertinent now as ever.



Phil Proctor is one of two surviving members of The Firesign Theatre, once described as “The Beatles of Comedy,” “America’s Monty Python” and cited by Rolling Stone magazine as “one of the best 100 top comedy acts of all time,” further honored by having an album inducted into the Library of Congress’ Historical Recordings. Philip, who has an independent career as a writer, singer, actor, director and voice-over artist, toured the U.S. and Canada with his partner Peter for about a decade as Proctor & Bergman, and during that time, they produced three records, several other syndicated radio series and a short film.

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