POCKET FULL OF DENNIS THE MENACE (HARDCOVER EDITION) by Mark Arnold, foreword by Mort "Beetle Bailey" Walker


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Dennis the Menace, originally a comicstrip introduced in 1951, expanded into a comic book series; an Americantelevision series (1959-1963) starring Jay North, Gloria Henry, HerbertAnderson, and Joseph Kearns; a 1986 animated television series; and manysubsequent television series, books, and feature films. 

Comic book andanimation historian Mark Arnold covers Dennis the Menace history from itsorigins through the television series, the playground, and the merchandise.Includes biographies of creator Hank Ketcham and the people behind the scenes,Al Wiseman, Fred Toole, Owen Fitzgerald, Frank Hill, Bill Williams, Lee Holley,Bob Bugg, Ron Ferdinand, and Marcus Hamilton, as well as background on MortWalker, Charles M. Schulz, Jay North, Gloria Henry, Herbert Anderson, JosephKearns, Gale Gordon, Walter Matthau, Don Rickles, Joan Plowright, ChristopherLloyd, Lea Thompson, George Kennedy, Betty White, Robert Wagner, and LouiseFletcher.

Foreword by Mort"Beetle Bailey" Walker. 460 illustrations, Indexed, and with a ComicBook Index and a TV episode guide.

About the author:Mark Arnold is a comic book an animation historian. He has written for variousmagazines, including Back IssueAlter EgoHogan’sAlleyComic Book Artist, and Comic BookMarketplace. He is also the author of If You’re Cracked, You’reHappy: The History of Cracked Mazagine(Vol. 1 and 2); Mark ArnoldPicks On The Beatles; Created and Produced by Total Television Productions;Think Pink: The Story of DePatie-Freleng; The Best Of The Harveyville FunTimes!; Frozen in Ice: The Story of Walt Disney Productions. He livesin Eugene, Oregon.


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