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June Foray, voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha on Rocky and Bullwinkle, has assembled a hilarious collection of humorous essays aimed at knocking the hats off conventions and conventional sayings. Her highly literate work is reminiscent of John Lennon, S.J. Pearlman, with a smattering of P.G. Wodehouse's love of language. This is the first book from the voice of Warner Brothers' Grandma (Tweety cartoons) and Stan Freberg's favorite gal!


If "virtue is its own reward", then who in this world of sophistication and fierce competition wants to cling to virtuosity with a pay-off like that?

"Love is blind." Absurd! Our flower children in the 60s dispelled that cock-eyed notion for a decade because of the evolution of various kinds of love – love for humanity, animals, peace and the great outdoors. Love has its eyes realistically open for the first time in our phrenetic world, and it’s hanging right in there.

"Like father like son." Ho, ho, ho! Have you heard the far right, on gay guys lately?

I am resolutely determined to explode all the obsolete shibboleths that our parents drove into our adolescent, little minds, and I’m brazen enough to offer my, perhaps outrageous, judgment of the morals and mores of the establishment. It is my critique on society as it stumbled into the last quarter of the 20th Century and the first of our 21st, having lived by the myths given to us in centuries long gone.

"FOUR STARS (Highest Rating). One of the wittiest, snappiest must-reads of the year. June Foray is best known as the voice of Rocky, of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame, but there's clearly much more to the woman than her ability to put words in the mouth of an animated flying squirrel. This book is a deliciously unexpected foray into the mind of Foray. It's one diabolically clever, entertaining tome."

- Todd David Schwartz, CBS

"I didn't know you were such hot stuff. This is fun. The acid wit that burns right through the surface is really good. I admire the kind of mind that can boil off puns and rhymes."

- Frank Pierson, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Oscar-winning writer of Dog Day Afternoon

June's 95th Birthday Party on September 16, 2012! With Fred Frees to June's right, and Rose Marie at the end of the table:

TV Academy Bestows Governors Award On Voice Actress June Foray, 2013

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