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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #25


This 1971 film really woke up audiences of the time with outstanding acting (and some prime nudity by the likes of Linda Hayden), good direction and a powerful moody musical score.  While somewhat like WITCHFINDER GENERAL in feel, it is totally original in every way.  We look into the making of this cult classic.


Featuring –

¨     “Confessions of a Lifer” (Hammer Style) Andy MacDougall presented Hammer films in prison to a class that included several murderers.


¨     “Fiona Subotsky – Remembering Milton Subotsky” The wife of Milton Subotsky on her husband and Amicus films.  Interview conducted by John Hamilton.


¨     “The Godfather of British Exploitation” – Tony Tenser Remembered by John Hamilton. The man behind Tigon films, who financed THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW.


“Are You Afeard?” – The Making of THE BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW by Bruce G. Hallenbeck

-         Interviews with Malcolm Heyworth (Producer)

-         Piers Haggard (Director)

-         Robert Wynne-Simmons (Screenwriter)

-         Actors: Robin Davies, Simon Williams and Tamara Ustinov.


¨     “Give Me My Skin!” – BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW and the Devil Films of the 1970s by David Del Valle.


¨     “Terence Fisher: The Hammer Years” – part two of reviews of all of Terence Fisher’s fantasy films.


¨     Letters to LSoH – Fanzine and Book Reviews – Hammer News – Hundreds of Rare Photos – 100 pages on glossy paper!


Original Artwork by: Neil Vokes, Frank Dietz, Bruce Timm, Mike Schneider, Ande Marsh, Adrian Salmon, Shana Bilbrey, Murad Gumen, Dan Gallagher, Jr and Shane Ivan Oakley.


100 pages.  Front Cover by Adrian Salmon

Inside Covers by Shana Bilbrey and Kayla Free

Back Cover by Mark Maddox.


*** This is a reprint of the original issue. ***

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