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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #39


       By 1975, Hammer Films was nearly broke and hanging on by the skin of their teeth. Trying to get a profitable film into production, they had been working with EMI, their British distributor, and a German company on the Dennis Wheatley TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER. When it came out in 1976, it was a big hit. But it did not save Hammer in the end.  

       Read the crazy story behind TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER by David Taylor from the very beginning when Christopher Lee met Dennis Wheatley, through Hammer's 1967 THE DEVIL RIDES OUT. Lee's Charlemagne production of NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT; then THE WICKER MAN. And finally the traumatic trip to get TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER made.



v THE ROAD ... TO HELL! – The Making of "To The Devil...A Daughter" ... and the Unmaking of Hammer by David Taylor


v Nastassja Kinski – exclusive interview by Nicolas Barbano.


v British Character Actors 8: Peter Sallis – by David Williams. For Hammer fans it was 1969's TASTE THE BLOOD OF DRACULA. For the rest of the world – Wallace of "Wallace & Gromit" and LAST OF THE SUMMER WINE.


v Hammer – The Hyman Years! – Denis Meikle interviews Kenneth Hyman about WarnerBros-7Arts connection to Hammer.


v Hammer's Final Frontier – the Making of MOON ZERO TWO – by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. A space western that didn't work. And destroyed Hammer's long term relationship with Warner Bros.


v From MOON ZERO TWO to SPACE 1999 – Catherine Schell Interview by Susan Cowie.


v MOON ZERO TWO –or How One Boy's Dream Became a Reality – Mike Tilley on working for Les Bowie on the FX for MZ2.


All Our regular features are back – Letters to LSoH – Ralph's One-and-Only Travelling Review Company —Hammer News—


Front Cover by Belle Dee (Shana Bilbrey)

Back Cover by Paul Watts

Inside Front Cover by Mike Schneider

Inside Back Cover by Dan Gallagher, Jr.



The Best Hammer Coverage Since 1972


100 pages.

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