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Little Shoppe of Horrors presents

Little Shoppe of Horrors #28

For the first time since 1972


Hammer Films returns with a full blown Gothic Horror film, based on Susan Hill’s famous ghost story, THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  Starring Daniel Radcliffe of “Harry Potter” fame.



Featuring –

¨     Daniel Radcliffe talks about THE WOMAN IN BLACK – two interviews with Constantine Nasr and Tony Earnshaw.


¨     “Ghosts of the Future Past – THE WOMAN IN BLACK and the Return of Hammer” by Constantine Nasr.


¨     “A Story of Haunting and Evil” – The Narrative of THE WOMAN IN BLACK (Book, Television Show & Stage Play) by Denis Meikle.


¨     “Where We Are Now” – A Brief History of Hammer by Denis Meikle.


¨     Interview with Simon Oakes – CEO of Hammer.  Conducted by Marcus Hearn.


¨     Interview with Susan Hill – The Author of THE WOMAN IN BLACK.  Conducted by Constantine Nasr (sidebar interview with woodcut artist of the WIB book, Andy English).


¨     Interview with Adrian Rawlins – Star of the acclaimed 1989 ITV version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK (and played Harry Potter’s father).  Conducted by Alan Wightman.


¨     “I Do Not See a Young Woman” – Noises Off: THE WOMAN IN BLACK on stage.  By David Taylor.


¨     Interview with Robin Herford – director of THE WOMAN IN BLACK Play.  Conducted by David Taylor.




-         Lunches with Jimmy – Memories of Jimmy Sangster by Tom Jahnson and Susan Cowie.


-         British Character Actors 2: Nigel Stock (Dr. Watson on BBC Television).  Interviewed by David Williams.


-         It Started as a Joke – Discovering the Censored Scenes from HORROR OF DRACULA.  (U.K. – DRACULA) By Simon Rowson and Stuart Hall.


-         Letters to LSoH & Fanzine and Book Reviews.



100 pages.  Dozens of rare photos, posters & artwork.


Front Cover by Mark Maddox

Interior Covers by Mark Maddox and Dan Gallagher, Jr.

Back Cover Design by Ted Bohus

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