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Charlotte Stewart is known by millions of fans worldwide for her role as the beloved schoolteacher, Miss Beadle, on the iconic TV show, Little House on the Prairie, currently broadcast in syndication in more than 100 countries around the world.Here for the first time an adult cast member writes about the experience of making the show—the challenges, the joys, and the sometimes-turbulent behind-the-scenes relationships.


Charlotte, with Andy Demsky, reveal a no-holds-barred, heart-breaking, and ultimately joyful account of fifty years in film and television offers a backstage pass to Hollywood’s cocaine-fueled glory years in the 1970s, and includes Charlotte’s celebrated work as Mary X in David Lynch’s cult classic film, Eraserhead, as well as her later work as Betty Briggs in the highly-rated television series, Twin Peaks.


Charlotte recalls working with leading men, from Jimmy Stewart, Elvis Presley, Kevin Bacon, and Kyle MacLachlan. She also details off-stage friendships with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, as well as with relationships and flings with some of TV, film,and music’s biggest names, including Jon Voight, Richard Dreyfuss, Victor French, Tim Considine, Bill Murray, and Jim Morrison.


Ultimately, Charlotte’s story is that of a survivor. Six years after her career-making role on Little House on the Prairie, she lost everything and was living on vodka and hotdogs. Yet through the darkest periods of her life—divorce, drug-use, cancer,financial ruin, the death of a spouse, and alcoholism—she never lost her humanity or sense of humor.


David Lynch writes,“Charlotte Stewart is my kind of girl—a talented, courageous actress—a loyal friend and one who brings happiness to work.”


Charlotte’s story is far from over. She is set to reprise her role of Betty Briggs in the new Twin Peaks series to be seen on Showtime in 2017. Throughout the year, she is a featured celebrity in fan events and festivals for Little House on the Prairie and Twin Peaks both in the U.S. and abroad.


Co-author Andy Demsky is a writer and journalist, whose work has been published in the San Francisco ChronicleLos Angeles Times magazine and Better Homes & Gardens, and he co-wrote Doug Shafer’s critically acclaimed memoir, A Vineyard in Napa.

"An inspiring story of survival -- through recovery from alcoholism, breast cancer, and the death of her beloved husband to how she rediscovered life, love, and the thrill of meeting her legions of prairie fans.Moving, yet hilarious, with a healthy dose of celebrity name dropping -- and enough sex to burn down the prairie!" -- Alison Arngrim, who starred alongside Charlotte in Little House on the Prairie, playing Nellie Oleson

"I never knew Miss Beadle knew so much about sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll." -- Neil Young, who directed Charlotte in the classic film Human Highway

"Her personal life is a movingly told story of survival. She candidly wrestles with who she was—beloved schoolteacher Miss Beadle on TV while in real life dealing with alcoholism, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, breast cancer and the death of one of her husbands. How she survived her own mental and moral lapses, stupidity and mistakes makes her bio absolutely one of the most honest, compelling, well written bios I’ve ever read."
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