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“I guess…he would want the public to remember his malaprops.He was proud of the fact that he studied words intensely so he could easily adlib malaprops and the fact that even though he only had a high school diploma,he was well read and extremely articulate.”

– Brandy GorceyZiesemer on her dad


This is a book celebrating the overlooked contributions tofilmdom made by Leo Gorcey, a truly enigmatic man, whose life ended prematurelyin 1969. Brandy offers thoughts about her dad as well as her unpublishedgraduate school thesis which unravels his “Split Personality.” 


So often, excessive drinking left him “fractured,” but hisintense study of “Word Power” provided him with the comedic opportunities to“fracture” his characters’ speech.


Leo Gorcey’s fine talent for making us laugh by twistinglanguage finally receives the attention it deserves as the author offers anextensive catalog of many of his fancy and misused words as found in his BoweryBoys films.



Jim Manago holds aMaster’s degree in Cinema Studies from The College of Staten Island (CUNY). Hehas authored first biographies on Gale Gordon, Kay Aldridge, Huntz Hall and twobiographies on Shirley Booth. His forthcoming publications include one onproducer Robert Youngson, and another on Al St. John’s comedy offered in PRC’sBilly The Kid series from the 1940s.

Review by James L. Neibaur

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