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Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero are known for tales of ghosts, zombies, and madmen – but their power as storytellers extends far beyond things that go bump in the night. At the deepest level, their stories are about the light that emerges from darkness, guarded hope for the future, and faith in the great unknown.
Beyond Fear by Joseph Maddrey draws on his decades of interviews to reveal the world views of three modern masters of horror: the romantic idealism of George Romero, the intellectual spirituality of Wes Craven, and the hard-won humanism of Stephen King.

Joseph Maddrey is the author of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue and The Making of T.S. Eliot. He. Is also the co-author of Not Bad for a Human: The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen and the graphic novel, To Hell You Ride. He has also written and produced a variety of TV shows, including seven seasons of the Discovery Channel series, A Haunting. Joe lives in Studio City, California with his wife Liza and daughter Olivia.

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In naming his new book, Joseph Maddrey chose the wrong preposition: Beyond Fear is about fear. What the Bear Manor Media trade paperback is beyond is the usual quality of film bios seen in the indie-pub field — miles above, no less. The subtitle teases Reflections on Stephen King, Wes Craven, and George Romero’s Living Dead, which is to say essays about these terror titans’ lives and work, but imbued with threads of personality from Maddrey (perhaps best known for 2004’s Nightmares in Red, White and Blue and its subsequent 2009 documentary), all ridiculously readable. Romero actually represents just a smidge of the 336 pages, while Craven is more fleshed out, including a new-to-me nugget of how A Nightmare on Elm Street almost was made for Disney Channel. Clearly, Maddrey’s heart and soul lie with King, and it’s a testament to the volume that even if Romero and Craven’s parts were shaved away, your money still would be well-spent. He provides an enlightening encapsulation of the writer’s entire career — peaks, valleys and coke-fueled bumps — with particular attention paid to each novel’s germination. I devoured it like Constant Readers do King’s books.

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