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More than six years in the making, this book explores various areas related to the life and career of Peter Wilton Cushing, with a focus on his familial acting legacy from grandfather Henry William Cushing, his early stage career, and his life with his beloved wife, Helen Beck Cushing.

Often described as "The Gentle Man of Horror," Peter Cushing was much more than an actor, for he was also a talented painter, model maker, author, a lover of books and literature, and a poet. The Unknown Peter Cushing reveals facts about Peter's acting ancestry via a journey through time from the early 1700s and up to Peter's early days as a stage actor, when he met his Helen, the guiding force of his life and the source of his creative spirit.

About the Author

Michael G. McGlasson is an independent scholar and researcher with a specialty in American literature and the cinema, especially horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. He is the author of Lee Van Cleef: Best of the Bad, published by BearManor Media in 2010, and is a lifetime member of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore, Maryland. His most current project is Henry and Edgar: The Poe Brothers of Baltimore.

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