LIGHTS, CAMERA, TRIVIA VOL. 1 by Philip Cerreta and Robert Freese


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The year is 1989. A crowd that numbers in the hundreds has gathered in the parking lot of the Hill Valley High School to welcome home its favorite alum - Marty McFly. His band, The Pinheads, have returned to their old stomping grounds for the last gig on their hugely successful Rock till you Drop tour. Among the familiar faces is Marty's old friend, Dr. Emmett Brown, who has come bearing gifts - eight amplifiers that dwarf his prototype. Anxious to see how loud they can get, the band plugs in for an impromptu jam that literally blows away the crowd. Fortunately, no one is seriously injured. But there's more than a few shattered eardrums. Whatwould Marty have been referring to if he sarcastically remarked, "How many years is it going to take you to figure out this ‘overload' problem, Doc? If you need another hit on the head I'll bemore than happy to oblige.

Want more? We know you do. Lights, Camera, Trivia approaches each set of questions (an average of 40 per film) from aunique angle to challenge even the most hardcore fans. From the original King Kong to Scarface, Re-Animator and episodesIV-VI of the Star Wars trilogy, all the classics are here. The daysof "Old School" movie trivia are over. Come on in and judge for yourself.

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