IN SICILIAN COMPANY: A NOVEL by Argentina Brunetti

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98 year old It's A Wonderful Life actress, Argentina Brunetti's long awaited bio novel, In Sicilian Company is packed with adventures and misadventures, comedy and tragedy, mystery and mayhem, but most of all, it's about love and celebrating life's triumphs over adversity. You'll enjoy the last 150 years with Argentina's marvelous theatrical family, traveling around the world, meeting emperors and kings, presidents and dictators, Mafia bosses, movie moguls and Hollywood stars, as she takes you back in time and forward to the present, always with hope for the future. Also included are her special diet, exercise program, philosophy on life and secrets to longevity. It's the feel good hit of the season and readers will be further enhanced with the knowledge that the authors plans to donate the novel's proceeds to help children around the world so they too can have "A Wonderful Life."

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