HOW UNDERDOG WAS BORN by Buck Biggers & Chet Stover


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The creators of Total Television, the brains behind Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo and many classic cartoons, reveal the origin of one of cartoon's greatest champions - Underdog! From conception to worldwide megahit, the entire story of the birth of Total Television at last closes an important gap in animated television history.


* Original sketches for this biography by artist/creator Chet Stover
* Unused story ideas for the 25th anniversary Underdog series
* Storylines and summaries for The World of Commander McBragg, Underdog, Go Go  
  Gophers, Tennessee Tuxedo, and King Leonardo and His Short Subjects
* And more!

"The creators of the beloved cartoon Underdog for the first time tell all about the show. They reveal the way a show got on the air back in the 1960's, the power advertisers had deciding what got on, the competition they had with Jay Ward and Hanna Barbera, the influence of an I Love Lucy
episode are just a few of the things they reveal."
- Midwest Book Review

Farewell to Buck Biggers, co-creator of Underdog -- February 10, 2013

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