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Flying Saucers From Beyond the Earth is Gordon Lore’s fifteen-year UFO odyssey through the 1960s and 1970s, the most formative research and investigation years of this constantly ongoing phenomenon. It is highlighted by his work with Major Donald E. Keyhoe, known as  “Mr. UFO” because he wrote the first book and article on the subject in 1950, Richard H. Hall, and James E. McDonald, one of the premiere UFO scientists during the 1960s whose tragic death in 1971 left an enduring gap in the early history of UFO research and investigation.

This new book gives the reader both personal and scientific insights into many perplexing flying saucer sightings and the author’s investigation and research highlighting their importance. The author has worked with such respected UFO researchers and scientists as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee, Francis Ridge (honcho of the NICAP website), Barry Greenwood, Jan Aldrich, Raymond Fowler, Stanton Friedman, and Paul Cerny. The book also highlights the author’s personal investigation of prominent UFO sightings in several states and his leading the NICAP subcommittee work of a number of prominent investigators. He can be seen sitting with Major Donald E. Keyhoe and Richard Hall at a conference table at the National Press Club in 1968 in a segment of NASA’s Unexplained Files—“Secret Aliens.”

“I was fascinated by Gordon Lore’s account of UFO history and NICAP’s ceaseless struggle to uncover and reveal the truth. Working with highly-charged, up-to-the-minute material, the author invokes military and civilian aviators, police officers, trainmen, abductees, scientists, CIA moles, gold miners, FBI bureaucrats and the everyday people whose sightings are the backbone of the UFO phenomenon. If a book dedicated to evidence-based research can be thrilling, Flying Saucers From Beyond the Earth is it.”
—David J. Hogan, author of UFO FAQ: All That’s Left to Know 
About Roswell, Aliens, Whirling Discs, and Flying Saucers

“Gordon Lore provides us with a marvelous look at the Golden Era of flying saucers and UFOs, giving us an uncommon look at the past from the perspective of one who actually lived it as an official of NICAP in Washington, D.C. This inside look at many classic saucer sightings comes from the time when UFOs made national headlines, were the subject of official Air Force investigations, and were targeted for two Congressional hearings in 1966 and 1968. It is pure nostalgia for those curious about the controversy over life in space.”
—Barry J. Greenwood, co-author of Clear Intent: 
The Government Coverup of the UFO Experience

“Gordon Lore has given us a careful, comprehensive and honest reportage of the UFO phenomenon based on his many years of investigating the phenomenon. He is neither an alarmist nor a radical in his conclusions. The reader will find this an essential counterweight to distortions that sometimes muddy this ever-timely subject.”
—Neil Earle, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 
in American Popular Culture

Mike Stein, the Editor/Publisher of FILMFAX plus, The Magazine of Unusual Film, Television, Retro Pop Culture, had this to say about my book in the Summer 2019 edition of  FILMFAX:

“When a book about UFO sightings is written in the first person by someone who was alive at the time of those events, and who investigated them for [the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)], its credibility becomes undeniable. Flying Saucers From Beyond the Earth:  A UFO Researcher’s Odyssey by Gordon Lore gives its readers a genuine feeling of having been there.

“After a short instruction describing some of his earliest personal UFO sightings, Lore segues directly to his recruitment by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in 1965, where he worked for the next five years with Major Donald Keyhoe and mentor Richard Hall.

“Actual UFO encounters, told in a ‘you-are-there’ narrative style, begin with ‘Incidents at Loch Raven Reservoir’ in 1958 and extend into 2017 with ‘UFOS Cavort Over Pittsburgh’ (370 pages later). Along the way, sidebar chapters regale the reader with a look into details of the author’s personal ‘odyssey’ mentioned in the book’s subtitle. Revealed is his discovery of two letters sent to Major Keyhoe from the celebrated psychologist Carl Jung (a former student of Sigmund Freud) who had written his own book, Flying Saucers:  A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky. Also documented are Lore’s many appearances on radio, television, and as a lecturer, highlighted by his entertaining anecdotes of all the celebrities he met along the way, many of whom had their own UFO stories to tell.

“And how could any UFO book be worth its cosmic salt without some visual evidence of its apocryphal subject matter? Twenty-four pages of clearly reproduced photographs, many of them of actual UFO sightings, as well as the individuals involved in the investigations, are included.

“The real-world ramifications of UFO studies are also cataloged. J. Edgar Hoover’s personal obsession with the Roswell incident; the 1966 Congressional UFO hearings at which Carl Sagan testified; the invaluable research of J. Allen Hynek, who became world famous after Steven Spielberg’s [film] Close Encounters of the Third Kind, after one of Hynek’s codifications, [was released] and more.

“The list of UFO pop culture references could go on and on, and it does in Gordon Lore’s definitive handbook. This is a fun read for both the casually curious and the serious-minded student of UFOs.”

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