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Explore the first responders of television from the first live telecast of an actual fire in 1938 to such weekly American television series as Rescue 8, Emergency!, Saved and Rescue Me, and such international favorites as England's London's Burning, Germany’s Medicopter 117, and Japan's Burning Flame trilogy. Also included are reality shows, such as Rescue 911, The Paramedics, and others; made for television movies, such as Firefighter, Pine Canyon is Burning; unsold pilots; and individual fire or rescue episodes from programs such as Perry Mason, Hunter, The A-Team, Law and Order, New York  Undercover, Bones, Chicago Code, Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, and others from the past sixty years.


Discover the helicopters, aircraft, boats, and hospital locations used by Firefighters, EMS, EMTs, Lifeguards, Paramedics, Forest Rangers, Coast Guard, Aeromedical services, Forest Rangers, and police. Learn the filming history of these programs and information about the casts and apparatus/vehicles used from first-hand interviews with Gregory Widen, Tom Fontana, Lee Goldberg, Gregory J. Bonann, and others.


Illustrated. 13 chapters, an Index, Bibliography, and Appendixes.


About the author: Richard Yokley retired in 1999 from the Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Protection District San Diego after almost 28 years of service and attaining the rank of Operations Chief. He also has 32 years in EMS. Among other awards, he received Firehouse Magazine’s Heroism and Community Service Award in 1987. He has written several newspaper and trade journal articles published in Firehouse, Fire Apparatus Journal, JEMS, London Firefighter, Fire International, California Fire Service, and others. He is also author of TV Firefighters (2003) and Emergency! Behind the Scenes (2007).


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society.


"Your book is terrific! It is so informative. Any TV buff would enjoy reading this book and have it in their collection." –Marco Lopez, Fireman Lopez on Emergency!


“It's truly a great TV book. This is a major work of television scholarship, and is a must-have for any television reference library.” –Lee Goldberg, author and television writer/producer of Diagnosis Murder and Monk


"Thanks for your interest in Rescue 8. It will never be forgotten now and it did honor the people who worked in fire and rescue.” –Mary K. Cleary, actress on Rescue 8


“Richard’s book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the facts surrounding the programs and its stars.” –Lou Farah, editor of Professional Car Collector magazine and author of Sound of Mercy


“A real impressive work of research! A fascinating read for anyone who is interested in television history and in the accuracy of programs featuring first responders.” –Gary Giacomo, Editor of The California Fire Service


“Love this book . . . it is one of the most definitive pieces on this subject currently out there.” Chin Thammasaengsri, CBS Television, Los Angeles


“. . . a remarkable compilation of people, places and equipment used to portray essential services on TV during the past sixty years.” –EMSWorld


“First Responders have been important in fictional shows and reality TV series all over the globe, and capturing what they do (in Richard’s book) has been challenging and eye-opening for audiences and producers alike.” – KSAV’s Dave White


“Yokley makes an effort to find the balance between in-depth information for TV fans, and casual stuff for sometime viewers walking down memory lane.” –Arizona Daily Star

Review from author Lee Goldberg's blog

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