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Dr. Cyclops, the Paramount Pictures 1940 adventure science fiction horror thriller starring former Broadway veteran Albert Dekker thrilled wartime audiences with the story about a mad scientist in the South American, who shrinks his colleagues to miniature size when he feels his megalomania is threatened.

Now, author Will Garth presents the unforgettable, strange adventures of Dr. Cyclops, the superscientist. Dr. Bulfinch, noted biologist, and his young and pretty assistant, Mary Phillips, travel thousands of miles to the Peruvian jungle to answer the call of scientist, Alexander Thorkel. Near the place where Thorkel carries on his experiments, natives talk fearfully of black magic, but truth is stranger than their tales. Thorkel discovers how to reduce people to 1/6 their natural size. He turns Dr. Bulfinch, Mary, and their team into midgets, who struggle to survive in a world that has suddenly become gargantuan and frightening.

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