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Conversations at Warp Speed features insightful interviews with actors who were there at the inception of the original Star Trek television series (Grace Lee Whitney, George Takei, and James Doohan).  They share their memories of the science fiction phenomenon and are joined by additional performers who appeared in later series and film incarnations (Robin Curtis, Nick Tate, Bibi Besch, Armin Shimerman, and Kitty Swink).  Other interviewees include producer and writer Eric A. Stillwell ("Yesterday's Enterprise"), and the creator of Star Trek himself - Gene Roddenberry.  A number of the conversations more deeply examine the careers, backgrounds, and other notable work of the performers and professionals - both prior to and following their work on the iconic series and films.  Conversations at Warp Speed also features the final interview with actor Paul Carr, plus a talk with Star Trek fans Marlene Daab and Carol Jennings. Included are bonus interviews with Corinne Orr (Speed Racer), Gretchen Corbett (Otherworld, The Rockford Files), and Barry Morse (The Fugitive, Space: 1999).

“Anthony Wynn does a good job of guiding the conversation; he appears to be a genuine fan and that shows through.”

                                  - The Asian Reporter, Portland, Oregon

About the Author
Anthony Wynn is author of the stage play Bernard and Bosie: A Most Unlikely Friendship, based on correspondence between George Bernard Shaw and Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas. He is co-author of Remember with Advantages, the theatrical memoir of actor Barry Morse, and Valiant for Truth: Barry Morse and his Lifelong Association with Bernard Shaw.

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